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Chryssa Traikopoulou was born and raised in Athens Greece,

she started her training in circus arts since 2005.

In 2006 she moved to Brussels where she studied at the circus school Espace Catastrophe aerial technics ( aerial silks and trapeze). Meanwhile she was taking intensive private classes with Claudia Nunes (Compagnie Elles)on aerial silks techniques and contemporary dance with Alessandra Copola.

In 2007 she continued her studies and research on aerial silks at the circus school ''Les Noctambules "in Paris  and took private classes of Cloudswing- Tissu ballant with Pascale Loiseau and Yuri Sakalov in Brussels at Ecole de Trapeze Asbl.

In 2008 she went to Argentina where she continued her studies and training at the circus school '' La Arena'' with Luciana Mosca and also on Contemporary Aerial Dance technics -(vertical dance and bungee belts) at ''Brenda Angiel"  aerial dance school.

In 2009 she cooperated with the circus company Circo Piscuit in Argentina performing around the country and started to teach aerial silks at Carlos Paz circus school in Cordoba.
In 2010 she started performing the show ''yin yang" with enamorARTE company through the festivals of ''fiesta nomades"in Argentina .
in 2012 formed with more acrobats and musicians the circus company Circo Cachivache based in Athens Greece.
She never stops travelling and learning new skills and techniques around the world.
She has cooperated with a numerous of choreographers ,companies and festivals worldwide and has performed and teach in countries as Argentina ,Greece, Germany, Bulgary , Belgium and Cyprus. 

Some of her cooperations


⦁    Walking on tiger's tail- Circo Cachivache 2019 -Stavros Niarchos foundation

      cultural center- Athens, July 2019
⦁    Agroktima Xalvantzis Tv Spot 2018
⦁    Molly's Dream-Pallas theater ,Circo Cachivache 2017
⦁    Tango Love stories -Pallas theater
⦁    3D performance, Circo Cachivache tour 2016
⦁    Gyali performance - Rosario- Argentina 2016
⦁    Tv spot aisxylia festival 2015
⦁    circus variete-Convento de l arte bar- theater 2015
⦁    Levantes Dance theater - Athens circus festival 2015
⦁    Medusa performance-Mar de Plata-Argentina 2015
⦁    Sofia's street festival- Circo Cachivache- Bulgary 2015
⦁    Plovdiv street festival-Circo Cachivache- Bulgary 2014
⦁    Tarantella-7th step company- Olvio theater 2014
⦁    Μini Art festival- Circo Cachivache- Sofia-Bulgary 2014
⦁    Mad Tv awards- Tirana-Albania 2014
⦁    Football Tv Awards 2013 -Nicosia- Cyprus
⦁    Elephant Gun clip by Tomas Astudillo- Brussels 2010
⦁    Zirkus Thriller - Shake Company- Berlin 2009
⦁    yin- yang performance- EnamorARTE Company- fiesta nomade 2010-

      Parana-   Argentina

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