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I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. I began my training in circus arts, specializing in aerial acrobatics.

My learning journey began in Brussels, where I studied aerial techniques (aerial silks and trapeze) at the circus school Espace Catastrophe. Meanwhile, I took intensive private classes with Claudia Nunes (Compagnie Elles) in aerial silks techniques and contemporary dance with Alessandra Copola.

I continued my studies and research on aerial silks at the circus school "Les Noctambules" in Paris and took private classes in Cloudswing-Tissu Ballant with Pascale Loiseau and Yuri Sakalov in Brussels at Ecole de Trapeze Asbl.

After Europe, I went to Argentina, where I continued my studies and training at the circus school "La Arena" with Luciana Mosca and also in Contemporary Aerial Dance techniques - (vertical dance and bungee belts) at "Brenda Angiel" aerial dance school.

In Argentina, I collaborated with the circus company Circo Piscuit, performing around the country, and started to teach aerial silks at Carlos Paz circus school in Cordoba. After a while, I began performing the show "Yin Yang" with the EnamorARTE company through the festivals of "Fiesta Nomades" in Argentina. In 2012, I formed with more acrobats and musicians the circus company Circo Cachivache, based in Athens, Greece. I have collaborated with numerous choreographers, companies, and festivals worldwide and have performed and taught in countries such as Argentina, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, Belgium, and Cyprus.

Some of my collaborations include:

  • Walking on Tiger's Tail - Circo Cachivache 2019 - Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Athens, July 2019.

  • Agroktima Xalvantzis TV Spot 2018.

  • Molly's Dream - Pallas Theater, Circo Cachivache 2017.

  • Tango Love Stories - Pallas Theater.

  • 3D performance, Circo Cachivache tour 2016.

  • Gyali performance - Rosario, Argentina 2016.

  • TV spot Aisxylia Festival 2015.

  • Circus Variete - Convento de l Arte Bar - Theater 2015.

  • Levantes Dance Theater - Athens Circus Festival 2015.

  • Medusa performance - Mar de Plata, Argentina 2015.

  • Sofia's Street Festival - Circo Cachivache, Bulgaria 2015.

  • Plovdiv Street Festival - Circo Cachivache, Bulgaria 2014.

  • Tarantella - 7th Step Company - Olvio Theater 2014.

  • Mini Art Festival - Circo Cachivache, Sofia, Bulgaria 2014.

  • Mad TV Awards - Tirana, Albania 2014.

  • Football TV Awards 2013 - Nicosia, Cyprus.

  • Elephant Gun clip by Tomas Astudillo - Brussels 2010.

  • Zirkus Thriller - Shake Company - Berlin 2009.

  • Yin-Yang performance - EnamorARTE Company - Fiesta Nomade 2010 - Parana, Argentina.

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